Oskar Alegría Oskar Alegria / Pamplona 1973

Trained as a journalist, he began working as a reporter in Madrid on news programs for Canal Plus and CNN+. He has been an editor of cultural programs and the coordinator of shows dedicated to literature for the television channels Telemadrid (Los Cinco Sentidos-”The Five Senses”) and Euskal Telebista (Sautrela). In the area of gastronomic documentary, he has written and co-directed the series “Masters of Basque Cooking” for ETB-telebista with the chefs Arzak, Subijana, Aduriz, Berasategui and Arbelaitz.

Since 2002, he writes travel reports for the supplement to El País, El Viajero, and is the author of a photographic artistic project called “Las ciudades visibles” (“The Visible Cities”), endorsed by the author Enrique Vila-Matas. Since 2009, he is a professor of documentary scripts in the Masters of Audiovisual Scripts from the University of Navarra and he has led a Workshop in Abstract Photography for children in the Chillida-Leku Museum.

info@oskaralegria.com  /  www.oskaralegria.com

The Search for Emak Bakia (2012)
Original title: Emak Bakia baita.
Duration: 83 minutes.
Recording format: Full HD.
Exhibition format: HDcam / BluRay.
16:9, colour and black and white.
Script, camera, edition and production: Oskar Alegría.
Sound design: Abel Hernández.
Music: Mursego, Leinua dantza taldea, Emak Bakia,
El Hijo, Abel Hernández, Richard Griffith, Ruper Ordorika.