The Search for Emak Bakia.

An avant-garde film by Man Ray called Emak Bakia (“Leave me alone” in Basque) inspires this story of a quest. The house near Biarritz where Man Ray’s film was shot in 1926 bore that peculiar name and the creator of this new film decided to undertake a search on foot to find it. Only three views of that mansion exist: the image of its front door, two columns of a window, and a section of nearby coast. A search based on these old images would not be easy. There was nothing listed in the archives and no one today remembers the house. Therefore, he would ask for help and assistance from other informers, such as chance and the wind.

The search for the house where Man Ray inspired his avant-garde cinema.

“A great film, which defies all categories, like a rhizomatic object”.
Jean-Michel Bouhours, expert in avant-garde cinema -Centre Pompidou.

“Useful cinema, intelligent and honest: the process surpasses the goal”.
Corneliu Porumboiu, Caméra d´Or Cannes 2006.

“The wind and fate wander through this charming story, but a masterful hand guides us”.
Bernardo Atxaga, poet and novelist.

“It is marvelous, in every sense”.
Chris Fujiwara, editor of Undercurrent.

“The finale, extraordinary”.
Víctor Erice, film director